Youth Birding Competition

The Youth Birding Competition is a 24-hour birding event normally held during the peak of spring migration. Youth teams spend the day finding as many species as they can as they compete against teams their own age. The competition is capped off with a wildlife show and awards banquet.

The 2021 YBC has been scheduled for September 24–25.


Why start at 5 p.m.?

This allows younger or more low-key teams to look for owls in the evening rather than get up at midnight. It also allows older, crazier teams to bird the coast that evening and then work up to Indian Springs State Park on the next day.

Where is it?

Visit as much or as little of the state of Georgia as you want, just make it to Idlewilde Event Center at Indian Springs State Park by the 5 p.m. deadline to turn in your list. The park is in Flovilla, about an hour southeast of Atlanta. The awards banquet and wildlife show will be at the Idlewilde Event Center.

Do you need to be an expert?

No! We can pair your team with an experienced birder (mentor) to help you learn about the birds before the competition (please note that during the competition, only youth participants can identify birds).

Who does it benefit?

Your team can use this event to raise money for the Georgia Wildlife Conservation Fund—the main fund for the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division's Wildlife Conservation Section—or for the conservation organization of your choice. 

Are there prizes?

Of course! For each age group (K–2nd, 3rd–5th, 6th–8th, 9th–12th grades) teams will compete for the most birds seen and the most money raised. Grand prizes include new binoculars for the team finding the most birds. There will be door prizes for almost all of the participants. 

How much does it cost?

Participation is absolutely free, unless you plan to spend the night at Indian Springs State Park, in which case there will be a cost. (Learn more about lodging options at Indian Springs.) 

Free to all participants:

  • Fun and educational day outside!
  • Awards banquet
  • Live animal show
  • T-shirt

Prizes include (by age division):

  • Most birds seen
  • Most money raised
  • Best rookie team

How can you register?

Register with our Google Form by August 13, 2021.

Participation Booklet

Details on registration, rules, ethics, resources, becoming a mentor and more are included in the 2021 Youth Birding Competition booklet. This guide includes a bird species checklist, but you can also download one separately.

Enjoy drawing? Learn more about the related Youth Birding T-shirt Art Contest. Participation on a birding team is encouraged but not required to submit artwork.


Georgia's Youth Birding Competition is primarily funded by The Environmental Resources Network Inc. (TERN), friends group of the Wildlife Resources Division's Wildlife Conservation Section. For more information on TERN, including how to become a member, call 478-994-1438 or visit Donations are also provided by Georgia and Albany Audubon societies ( and Georgia Ornithological Society (