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View a map of all Wildlife Management Areas, Public Fishing Areas, Shooting Ranges and Education Centers in Georgia!

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Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs)

The primary purpose of Wildlife Management Areas is to support wildlife conservation in the state and allow public access to hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreational activities. Visit each WMA page for accommodations, activities, contact information and access fees.

Public Fishing Areas (PFAs)

Public Fishing Areas are great places for family outings. Currently, there are 11 PFAs located around the state. You can fish from the bank or a boat, picnic, hike, watch wildlife, and enjoy being outdoors. Visit each PFA page for accommodations, activities, contact information and access fees.


There are ten hatcheries throughout the state. These facilities are where WRD produces millions of sport fish that we stock across the state in order to support anglers in Georgia.

Shooting & Archery Ranges

Public archery and firearm ranges are open throughout the state for all target shooters. Visit each range page for facilities, contact information and access fees.

Boat Ramps

Georgia has over 150 public boat ramps around the state. Use the map to find boat ramps in your area!

Education Centers

WRD partners with other agencies, school systems and organizations in operating seven regional education centers throughout the state. Environmental educators at the centers teach a variety of subjects related to natural resources conservation and recreation. Field trips, outreach programs and family recreational opportunities abound.

Property Information

Land Access

View required licenses and passes to enter each property.


View all closed WMA roads, shooting ranges and boat ramps.

Accessible Amenities

View a list of accessible amenities and locations.

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Download the KMZ file for DNR property boundaries. Note: Google Earth property boundaries were used as a general reference and are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

Non-DNR Property Information

Private Land Hunting Access

Find out where and how to hunt on privately owned land, which can be attained via general hunting permission, formal lease contracts, or by joining a preexisting hunting club.