Voluntary Public Access (VPA) & Habitat Incentive Programs

Georgia’s Wildlife Resources Division received a grant that gives us a great opportunity to partner with private landowners. We can now offer lease payments in exchange for well-managed outdoor recreation access for the public. Whether you own 10 acres or 5,000 acres, we are interested in talking with you about leasing land for public access to hunting, fishing, or wildlife viewing. So far, we have created a wide variety of hunting opportunities for dove, waterfowl, deer, small game and turkey.

Eligible land owners include personal citizen-owned properties, agricultural producers, timber companies and timber investment management organizations.

Benefits for Private Landowners

  • Substantial financial incentives based on acres, recreation types, and habitats available
  • Can choose to enroll in single or multi-year contracts
  • Landowner liability protection by Georgia law for hunting and other recreation use
  • Free wildlife habitat technical assistance
  • Flexibility in setting dates for access and types of use

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Benefits for Outdoor Enthusiasts

  • Hunter access for deer, dove, turkey, waterfowl, squirrels, rabbit, quail and other game
  • Meeting increased hunter demand for public dove fields and waterfowl areas
  • Fishing by river access in areas lacking boat ramps or in areas with well-managed lakes
  • Opportunities for hiking, bird and other wildlife-watching in distinctive areas

About 93% of Georgia’s land base is in private ownership. Largely because of this we are pleased to be partners in USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service Voluntary Public Access (VPA) program*. It allows us to fund land leases from interested private landowners for temporary public access. In the last five years we have partnered in 35 contracts for several thousand acres of public access.

*This material is based upon work supported by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, under number 69-3A75-14-292.

Currently Available Properties

Check the hunting regulations for season dates.

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