Georgia Game Check: Reporting Harvest of Deer, Turkeys, Alligators, and Northern Zone Bears

Alligator hunters will receive their harvest record as part of their alligator permit at the time of purchase (alligator permits are free to drawn hunters who have all-inclusive licenses but they still have to “purchase” the permit online, by phone or at a license retailer).

All big game hunters are required to have a Harvest Record for the current season.

This includes:

  • hunters under 16 years of age
  • landowners
  • honorary, lifetime and sportsman's license holders
  • hunters not required to purchase any license or a big game license
  • hunters whose big game license has not expired

Additionally, all harvests must be reported within 24 hours through Georgia Game Check

What is a Harvest Record?

It is a free license type obtained and printed/downloaded like other licenses. On this license type, you immediately record your harvested animal (in writing on a paper copy or using game check immediately). You can electronically report your harvest online or through the Outdoors GA app (available FREE through the Apple or Google Play store for iPhone or Android) to place it on your harvest record. WRD requires that you have a current Harvest Record in your account. [Note that devices using Android 4.1 or greater may report harvest using the Outdoors GA app and receive their confirmation number, but may not sync their license to their device or sync the confirmation number onto their electronic harvest record. Android 5.0 or greater is required for electronic license and harvest number syncing.]

Where do I get the Harvest Record?

A new harvest record for the upcoming season is available at no charge at Go Outdoors Georgia beginning March each year and is valid through the end of February of the next year. It also can be obtained from retail license agents and by telephone (1-800-366-2661) like any other license.

What do I do with the Harvest Record?

Hunters must fill in the harvest date and county on the paper harvest record (OR online OR through the Outdoors GA app) BEFORE moving a turkey or deer from the site of a kill (except deer hunts on Wildlife Management Areas or National Wildlife Refuges that requires hunters to check out their harvested deer).   

What do I do with the Harvest Information?

Within 24 hours, all harvested turkey, deer, alligators, and bears (Northern Zone only) must be reported through Georgia Game Check, which provides a harvest confirmation number. If you were able to electronically report the harvest at the time of the kill either online (using a web browser on your mobile device/computer) or through the Outdoors GA app and sync the information with your electronic hunting license, no further action is needed (iPhone or Android 5.0 or higher). If you entered the kill on the paper Harvest Record, you will need to go online to Georgia Game Check using your mobile device or computer web browser to report the harvest and get your confirmation number and enter that number on your paper Harvest Record. You also may call Georgia Game Check (1-800-366-2661) 24/7 to report your harvest and receive your harvest confirmation number. Record your harvest confirmation number on your paper harvest record.

Why am I reporting this information? 

This data will provide county level information for hunters and land managers, assists conservation rangers in enforcing game laws, and informs management decisions made by professional biologists.