Wildlife Viewing Grants Program

A informational sign on wading birds in Atlanta.

The Wildlife Conservation Section of the DNR Wildlife Resources Division administers a small-grants program for wildlife viewing projects in the state. Funding is provided by Georgia’s Nongame Wildlife Conservation Fund.

These grants focus on developing and improving wildlife-viewing opportunities that increase public awareness and appreciation of nongame wildlife, rare native plant species and natural habitats. The program also emphasizes species and habitats considered conservation priorities in Georgia’s State Wildlife Action Plan.

Wildlife viewing is big in Georgia. More than 4.8 million residents – about 57 percent of Georgians 16 and older – took part in 2022. Resident and non-resident viewers, a combined group sized at 7.5 million, spent more than $10 billion on food, lodging, transportation, equipment and other items.

Nationwide, the number of people involved in wildlife viewing surged to 148 million in 2022. Related spending topped an estimated $250 billion, according to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service survey.

Learn more about wildlife viewing, in general and in Georgia (including survey insights into the state’s wildlife viewers).

2024 Grants

The application period for 2024 is closed.


Questions? Contact Rick Lavender, (706) 557-3327 or rick.lavender@dnr.ga.gov

.Children posing with the bat houses they made for a city project.