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White-tailed Deer in Woods


With all the media coverage on deer diseases lately, let’s cut through the confusion and talk facts. To date, neither chronic wasting disease (CWD) or tuberculosis have been detected in Georgia deer. However, there are circumstances where wildlife biologists rely on the public to notify them of sick animals in order to monitor disease issues. Here are the top 5 circumstances when you should call and talk to a biologist:

  1. Dead deer in or near a stream, lake, or pond with no apparent injuries.
  2. Emaciated deer, which are so skinny that their backbone, pelvic bones, and all ribs are showing.
  3. Deer with no apparent injuries with drooping ears, abnormal posture, or drooling heavily.
  4. Deer walking in circles, have a lack of coordination, or trouble standing or walking.
  5. Deer that are excessively coughing, sneezing, or have yellow bumps on the lungs and inside rib cage.

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