Coastal Plains in Georgia

Mead Farm WMA

Mead Farm Wildlife Management Area is a 200-acre property located in Burke County. The WMA consists of approximately 90 acres of wetlands and 110 acres of uplands. Mead Farm offers hunting opportunities for deer, turkey, small game and waterfowl. No vehicles or ATVs are allowed on the property.

Mayhaw WMA

Mayhaw Wildlife Management Area is 6300 acres of property in Miller County. It offers hunting opportunity for deer, turkey, small game and waterfowl. The property supports a significant population of Bachman's sparrows, gopher tortoise and other priority species.

Lake Walter F. George WMA

Lake Walter F. George Wildlife Management Area is 1200 acres of land and islands along a 45,000 acre reservoir, Lake Walter F. George. The WMA offers opportunity for hunters and anglers to enjoy their day. Hunting opportunities include deer, turkey, small game and waterfowl.

Lake Seminole WMA

Lake Seminole Wildlife Management Area sits in south Georgia and encompasses about 16,800 acres of land and water. Hunting opportunities include deer, turkey, and small game. No hunting is allowed within 200 yards of a house, dock, building, structure or developed recreation area.

Hiltonia WMA

Hiltonia Wildlife Management Area is a 500-acre property located in Screven County. This WMA is open to hunting for deer, turkey and small game.


  • Geocaching — not allowed before 10 a.m. during turkey season
  • Hunting
  • Primitive Camping
  • Wildlife Viewing

Nearby Properties

Flat Tub WMA

The Flat Tub Wildlife Management Area encompasses 7,141 acres of state-owned land. The WMA consists of approximately 5,641 acres of upland pine/hardwood forest and 1,500 acres of hardwood drains and river bottomland.

There are 4 main access points:

Elmodel WMA

Located on 1,600 acres near Newton, Elmodel Wildlife Management Area provides opportunity for deer, dove, turkey and small game hunting. Some roads and areas may be closed during certain seasons for dove field management and invasive species control.

Doerun Pitcherplant Bog WMA

Known for its namesake, Doerun Pitcherplant Bog Wildlife Management Area is located in Doerun, Georgia and is filled with—you guessed it—pitcherplants! The WMA is perfect for those who want to enjoy Georgia's coastal plains and get a good look at a bog ecosystem. Doerun Pitcherplant Bog is home to a rare species and sensitive habitats. To protect these resources, vehicular access is limited to entrance road and parking area.

Hunting opportunities include archer deer hunting, turkey and small game. ATVs and horses are prohibited. No camping allowed on the property.