Out My Backdoor: Cloudless Sulphurs: Fall's Most Overlooked Migrant

By Terry W. Johnson

By the time autumn officially arrives, the fall migration of many migratory birds such as warblers, flycatchers and vireos has passed us by. However, during the ebb between when the last waves of early fall migrants bid Georgia ado and Jack Frost has transformed our countryside into a multihued tapestry of vibrant autumn colors, we have the opportunity to witness another migration: the migration of the cloudless sulphur butterfly.

Out My Backdoor: Redbuds Are on Parade

By Terry W. Johnson

One of the things I enjoy most about spring is that at this time of year we are treated to Mother Nature's annual parade of wildflowers. This special event actually begins before the official arrival of spring and extends well into May. Like the bands, floats and marchers in a traditional parade, each of our wildflowers appears across the Georgia countryside in an ordered sequence.

Some Important Caterpillar (Larval) Food Plants for Georgia Butterflies

While adult butterflies often obtain nectar from a wide variety of plants, most rely on very few plants to provide food for their caterpillars. One of the easiest ways to increase both the number and variety of butterflies is to incorporate larval food plants into the landscape surrounding your home. Enjoy planting these important caterpillar food plants and watch the beautiful variety of butterflies come to your backyard through the spring and summer seasons.