Recently Updated Regulations


2020 Updates


Quota-selected hunters will no longer be sent a plastic tag in the mail and are no longer required to bring their harvested gator to a WRD Game Management office for a CITES tag. Hunters are required to report their harvest via the Georgia Game Check system within 24 hours of harvest.

Game Check

Alligators are required to be reported through Game Check. Additionally, all harvested deer, turkeys, and alligators must be reported using the Georgia Game Check system within 24 hours of harvest.


Special restrictions have been added for Lake Allatoona (No hunting allowed within 600 feet of a dock, house, structure, bridge, road, boat ramp, marina or open recreation area. Active duty military and veterans may hunt during the Special Opportunity Waterfowl Season November 14–15, 2020. The bag limit for scaup is reduced to 1 bird. Visit for more information.

Mistletoe State Park Deer Hunt

The date for the 2020 deer hunt has been changed from November 10–11 to December 1–2. The quota is 75.


Changes to the Georgia Fishing Regulations recently approved by the Board of Natural Resources will be listed here as available.