Yankee Landing Holdings, LLC, Construction and Maintenance of a Community Dock Facility, Little Satilla River, Glynn County, Georgia


This serves as notification from the Coastal Marshlands Protection Committee and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources of a request from Yankee Landing Holdings, LLC to construct and maintain a community dock facility on the Little Satilla River in Glynn County, Georgia. The proposed project is less than 1/10 of an acre, therefore, considered a minor alteration of coastal marshlands under O.C. G.A. 12-5-280 et. seq.

The proposed community dock facility will serve two residential subdivisions; Lakeside at Longwood and Longwood Preserve. Lakeside at Longwood consists of 208 platted lots, 11 of which have sold with two (2) houses constructed at this time.  Longwood Preserve was recently rezoned from 2,934 Development Units (DU) to 1,312 DU.  The applicant has placed a conservation easement over the Longwood Preserve that includes the prohibition of private single-family dock construction.  Only community-based water access facilities can be constructed as part of the Longwood Preserve.

The marshlands component of the proposed project consists of a 6ft. x 22.5ft. timber walkway, a 14ft. x 14ft. covered fixed pier, a 5ft. x 28ft. aluminum gangway, an 8ft. x 80ft. floating dock, and approximately 1,037 sq. ft. of the steel framed overhead boat hoist.  The proposed facility will extend into the Little Satilla River approximately 26.25ft. beyond Mean Low Water (MLW) at a point where the waterway is approximately 78.75ft. wide at MLW.  Approximately 50ft. of the proposed boat hoist will be located over uplands.  A 22ft. x 43ft. roof will be constructed over the landward end of the proposed lift for the storage of the trolley system.

In addition, the applicant is proposing to install approximately 229 sq. ft. of oyster bags along the bank where two (2) small areas of erosion currently exist.  The oyster bags will be placed on the exposed portions of the bank that are currently non-vegetated and will be secured with wood stakes.  No re-shaping or grading of the bank is proposed.

The community dock facility will impact approximately 2,312 sq. ft. (0.05-acres) of jurisdictional coastal marshlands.  

The upland component of the project consists of approximately 2.76 acres of upland and will include a parking area and access to the proposed marsh component.  All improvements within the upland component will be pervious.  Within the 50ft. upland buffer, the applicant is proposing 7 sq. ft. portion of the walkway, approximately 1,278 sq. ft. of the overhead boat hoist, and approximately 1,928 sq. ft. of pervious boat hoist access road.   

It is the responsibility of the applicant to demonstrate that the project is not contrary to the public interest and that no feasible alternative sites exist.  Impacts to coastal marshlands must be minimal in size.  In passing upon the application for permit, the Coastal Marshlands Protection Committee shall consider the public interest: (1) Whether or not unreasonably harmful obstruction to or alteration of the natural flow of navigational water within the affected area will arise as a result of the proposal; (2) Whether or not unreasonably harmful or increased erosion, shoaling of channels, or stagnant areas of water will be created; and (3) Whether or not the granting of a permit and the completion of the applicant’s proposal will unreasonably interfere with the conservation of fish, shrimp, oysters, crabs, clams, or other marine life, wildlife, or other resources, including but not limited to water and oxygen supply.

Please provide this office with substantive, project-specific comments as to why the proposed work should or should not proceed.  Comments and questions concerning this proposed project should be submitted in writing by the close of business October 29, 2017 to Karl Burgess, Department of Natural Resources, One Conservation Way, Brunswick, Georgia 31520.

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