DNR Announces $1,000 Grant for Top Conservation Teacher

Social Circle, Ga

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is offering a $1,000 grant to a kindergarten through fifth-grade public or private school teacher in the state who demonstrates exceptional energy and innovation in teaching life sciences.

Science specialists covering those grade levels can also apply. The grant recipient will be recognized as the DNR Conservation Teacher of the Year.

Teachers who apply must use Georgia’s native animals, plants and habitats as the context for covering Georgia Standards of Excellence. Although the grant emphasizes life science, cross-curricular teaching is highly encouraged. Preference will be given to teachers who demonstrate creativity in project design and take learning outside, as well as for projects that could not be funded otherwise. Teaching may take place in-person on school grounds or online.

“The outdoors is an ever-changing, real-world learning lab for a variety of subjects,” DNR outreach coordinator Linda May said. “Students are more calm, engaged and focused as they observe and experience nature first-hand. The result is improved academic performance and well-being.”  

The Conservation Teacher of the Year grant is coordinated by the Wildlife Conservation Section, part of DNR’s Wildlife Resources Division. Through education, research and management, the Wildlife Conservation Section works to safeguard Georgia's native diversity of wild animals, plants and their habitats, while also striving to increase public enjoyment of the outdoors. Funding is provided by the section’s friends group, The Environmental Resources Network, better known as TERN.

The deadline to apply is Oct. 17, 2022. DNR will notify the grant winner by Oct. 31, 2022.  

Grant at a Glance

  • $1,000 grant to a Georgia K-5 public or private school teacher (including science specialists) who demonstrates exceptional energy and innovation in teaching life sciences.
  • Provided by the Georgia DNR Wildlife Conservation Section and The Environmental Resource Network, or TERN, the section’s friends group.
  • Deadline to apply: Oct. 17. Recipient announced by Oct. 31.
  • For more information about the Conservation Teacher of the Year grant, please visit georgiawildlife.com/TeachingConservationGrant or contact Linda May (linda.may@dnr.ga.gov, 706-319-0211) or Anna Yellin (anna.yellin@dnr.ga.gov, 678-459-8393).