Year Two Of Shoal Bass Study; Report Or Return A Tag And Receive Rewards

Albany, Ga

A two-year bass tagging project on the Flint River conducted by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division (WRD) and Auburn University remains underway this year – and researchers need your help!

Through this project, biologists are tagging shoal and largemouth bass that are 12 inches or longer in the Flint River between Warwick Dam and Lake Seminole.

“This collaborative study will help estimate the catch and harvest of these species by anglers and allow us to better assess some ideas of shoal bass movement in the river,” said Dr. Steven Sammons, Auburn University. “Last year, we had excellent participation. Anglers really liked the hats and stickers. For 2023, we have some of last year’s hats, but we also have a new one for 2023. So, call in those tags so you don’t miss out on some great shoal bass gear!”

How do you know if you caught a tagged bass? There will be a pink “spaghetti” tag affixed to the fish. This tag has a unique number and a contact phone number.

How do you report a tagged bass catch? Whether or not you keep the fish, remove the tag. The tags can be easily removed by cutting close to the skin with a pair of fingernail clippers or with any utensil an angler might use to cut their fishing line. Once you have the tag, call the phone number to report the catch and provide the tag number.

Reap some rewards for your reported or returned tags! Anglers that call in the tag information or return the tag will receive a custom ball cap, some native black bass stickers, and will be entered into a drawing that will be conducted at the end of each year. The winner of the drawing will receive a framed, signed, and numbered print of a Shoal Bass drawn by renown fish artist Joe Tomelleri (  

For fishing tips and information about the Flint River, be sure to check out the Fishing Forecasts page at For more information on the bass tagging study, call the Southwest Georgia WRD Fisheries Management Office at 229-430-4256.