Ways to Save Money on License Purchases

Early Renewal Discount

An easy way to save! Most annual hunting and fishing licenses offer an early renewal option with a savings of $2.50 when a same privilege license is purchased before expiration of the old license. Same privilege licenses renewed early "stack" and add a full additional license term to the end of the expiring license.

Be sure to enter your email address when buying or reprinting a license. We will email a renewal reminder before your annual license expires. Renew early and save $2.50 on your annual license!

Combo Licenses

Resident Sportsman's Licenses

Resident sportsmen save $5 annually ($65/year compared to $70/year) when purchasing a resident sportsman's license which covers most state hunting and fishing privileges including hunting, big game, fishing (fresh and salt water) and trout (excludes the alligator license and federal duck stamp; still must obtain the free deer harvest record and free Georgia Migratory Bird Stamp each season).

Apprentice License

Offers potential hunters (16 years of age and older) an opportunity to hunt for one day, with optional additional days, without completing a hunter education course. Also includes saltwater and general freshwater fishing privileges on WMAs and PFAs. A big game license must also be purchased to hunt deer, turkey or bear, and a trout license must also be purchased to fish for mountain trout. One-day = $5 additional days can be added at $1 each up to 11 days.

Multi-Year Licenses & Stacking Licenses

For those planning to hunt or fish for years to come, stacking is a great option. Sportsmen can purchase multiple annual same-privilege hunting and fishing licenses and "stack" them into multi-year licenses of any duration during one transaction—saving money by immediately receiving a $2.50 discount and by eliminating multiple service charges.

Lifetime Licenses

A lifetime of fishing and hunting! Lifetime Licenses are available to residents of all ages. The Lifetime License satisfies all state license requirements (still must obtain the free Harvest Record, free Georgia Waterfowl and Migratory Bird Stamp each season, free Saltwater Information Program privilege (SIP), and a federal duck stamp). For a one-time price you can enjoy a lifetime of great Georgia fishing and hunting. Lifetime licenses make a great gift to your favorite sportsman or a child/grandchild. 

In particular, the senior discount lifetime license offers residents 65 and over a full-privilege state license for only $70 that lasts for the rest of the buyer's life.