Let’s Get Creative: Georgia Fish Art Contest Kicks Off Now


Go Draw a Fish! Students have the opportunity to win prizes and recognition while learning about state-fish species, behaviors, aquatic habitats, and conservation. Using art, the Georgia Fish Art Contest (part of the international Wildlife Forever State-Fish Art® Contest) ignites children’s imagination while teaching them about fish and fishing.

There are many award categories for the 2021 contest, including the Guy Harvey Award and the Go Fish Georgia Award. The Go Fish Georgia Award celebrates fish species found in Georgia which are commonly sought by anglers. Contestants may choose to apply in just the Georgia Fish Art Contest or in any of the additional award categories, or both.

To enter, young artists create an original illustration of their chosen fish from the official Fish List. Many new species have been added, including the Shoal Bass (Micropterus cataractae), which is now recognized as Georgia’s State Riverine Sport Fish. Please note, if entering any of the additional award categories, be sure your entry meets all necessary requirements.

All Georgia contestants must complete the Georgia-specific entry form. Entries are due by Mar. 31, 2021 and can be submitted via email to FishArt@WildlifeForever.org or by mail to Marion Baker/Go Fish Education Center (1255 Perry Parkway, Perry, GA 31069).



About the State-Fish Art Contest

The award-winning Wildlife Forever State-Fish Art® Contest, with support from Title Sponsor Bass Pro Shops, brings children, art and aquatic conservation together! To enter, young artists create an original illustration of any official state-fish and written words detailing its behavior, habitat, and efforts to conserve it. Entries are categorized in four grade levels: K–3, 4–6, 7–9, and 10–12. Educators nationwide utilize Fish On!, the full-color State-Fish Art Lesson Plan, integrating the disciplines of science and art. E

About the Go Fish Education Center

The Go Fish Education Center, adjacent to the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, works to inform the public about fisheries and other natural resources through interactive exhibits, classroom programs and public workshops. More information at www.gofisheducationcenter.com.