Two Business Days

Please read this entire page. The information in it is important and affects everyone in DNR if you have to call the Service Desk when you have an IT-related problem (computer, software, phones, etc.).

The Need-to-Know Summary:

If you called in a break/fix problem ticket to the Service Desk and it hasn't been fixed in two business days, call the Service Desk back and request that your ticket be escalated

The Details:

Two business days. That's all it should take to get a routine problem fixed for most people in DNR. Sadly, that is not happening.

Your IT Customer Care Team has received many reports of problems with the Service Desk.

Quite frankly, the Service Desk has not been as responsive as we would like, and has been letting problem tickets sit for days and even weeks without taking any action to fix problems reported by DNR associates.

Because of this, I want to ask that all DNR associates who call in a ticket to the Service Desk follow this course of action:

1. When you call in a ticket to the Service Desk at 1-877-482-3233, write down the Service Request number and, if they give you one, Incident Number. (Don't lose these numbers! They are important.)

2. Wait two business days. (Two business days is the turnaround time for resolving routine problems, according to our contractual SLA -- Service Level Agreement.) You should have some resolution to your problem within two business days. A technician should stop by, or your call should be returned and a technician assist you over the phone, or something similar should happen to get your issue resolved during that time.

3. If the Service Desk does not address your problem within two business days, then call the Service Desk again and request that your problem ticket be escalated.

We believe that, if you contact the Service Desk about your unresolved issues and request that it be escalated to the next level, this will greatly increase your chances of getting your issue resolved quickly and effectively.

If you escalate and do not get a prompt resolution, please let DNR IT know. We will take it to the next level.