GSU Shooting Sports Education Center

The Georgia Southern University Shooting Sports Education Center (SSEC) is a partnership with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. The 30,000-square foot facility is open to the public and equipped to serve a variety of shooting sports interests.

Our purpose is to provide a hub for the shooting sports in southeast Georgia. Through instructional programs, training classes, recreation, competition, and special events we serve a variety of individuals including youth, adults, students, law enforcement, hunters, first-time shooters, elite athletes, all groups interested in participating and learning more about the shooting sports.

The SSEC is located in a school safety zone. Therefore, all users must first become a member to utilize the facility unless they are participating in a training program or competition.


  • 16 Lane, 25-meter Firing Range
  • 16 Lane, 25-meter Archery Center
  • 2 Training Rooms

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