Summary of Federal Regulations for Migratory Game Birds

In addition to State regulations, the following Federal rules apply to the taking, possession, shipping, transporting, and storing of migratory game birds. This is only a summary. Each hunter should also consult actual Federal Regulations, which may be found in Title 50, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 20 (


No person shall take migratory game birds:

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)


On January 12, 1967, Chronic Wasting Disease was first identified in Colorado in a captive deer herd. It was later detected in free-ranging deer in 1981. The disease subsequently spread to surrounding areas of northern Colorado and southern Wyoming by the 1990s. It has continued to spread and is one of the most concerning and challenging natural resource issues facing wildlife professionals today.

Pen-Reared Quail & Translocation

Pen-reared Birds

GA law (Section 27-2-14) permits the release of pen-reared quail on private land for the purposes of training pointing, flushing and retrieving dogs. The only requirement is the possession of documentation showing proof of purchase for the birds being released. There is no closed season for training dogs on private land. Where quail are being released for the purpose of hunting, depending on the circumstances, a private or commercial shooting preserve license is required (Section 27-3-110).

Feral Hog Management

Below are some excellent resources, compliments of Texas AgriLife Extension, to educate yourself on how to distinguish feral hog sign, the destructive capability of feral hogs, and proven methods for controlling feral hog populations on your land.