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Ranger-Led Programs

To book a field trip, for more information or to schedule a ranger-led program please call (478) 982-1660.

Nature Detectives (Kindergarten)

Living and non-living in nature. Students will discover things from nature through touch, smell and sight. They will go on a nature hike, eye spy animal game and be provided a sense themed amphitheater talk.

  • Program length: 1.5 hours
  • Program cost: $5
  • GSE: SKL1

Plants and Animals Needs to Survive (1st Grade)

Students will learn the four basic needs that all plants and animals need to survive. Students will go on a nature hike based on animal movement, learn the needs of a plant in a live-or-die game, and receive an amphitheater talk where they will learn the basic needs of animals found in Magnolia Springs State Park.

  • Program length: 1.5 hours
  • Program cost: $5
  • GSE: S1L1

The Circle of Life (2nd Grade)

Students will investigate the life cycles of plants and animals through interactive activities. They will discover the life cycles of a butterfly, frog, bird and mammals. They will meet our Gopher Tortoise and go on a nature hike. The field trip consists of three 30-minute rotations.

  • Program length: 1.5 hours
  • Program cost: $5
  • GSE: S2L1

Habitats and Adaptations (3rd Grade)

Students will actively participate in hands-on learning activities through animal demonstrations and discovery games. Students will become detectives to figure out what animal is hiding in the mystery boxes, dress the beaver activity and go on a nature hike.

  • Program length: 1.5 hours
  • Program cost: $5
  • GSE: S3L1

They Eat What (4th Grade)

Students will explore the importance and interdependence of producers, consumers and decomposers. They will get a close look at live snakes, a gopher tortoise and go on a nature hike discovering how energy flows through the ecosystem.

  • Program length: 1.5 hours
  • Program cost: $5
  • GSE: S3L1

Camp Lawton-The World’s Largest Prison (4th Grade)

Students will step back in time. They will meet a Confederate Guard, discover how difficult prison life was, tour the history museum, experience the sound of musket fire and take a hike along the earthworks of the prison camp.

  • Program length: 1.5 hours
  • Program cost: $5
  • GSE: SS4H5

Vertebrates and Invertebrates (5th Grade)

Students will have the task of discovering whether an animal is a vertebrate or invertebrate through a seek and find me adventure. They will also go on a nature hike that focuses on the vertebrates and invertebrates in the park.

  • Program length: 1.5 hours
  • Program cost: $5
  • GSE: S5L1

Ranger-Led FAQ:

Q: What comes included with the program cost?
A: Schools are provided with picnic shelters for lunch once the field trip is over.

Q: Do you offer a discount to Title 1 schools?
A: Title 1 schools receive a $1 discount per child.

Q: How do these programs relate to what I am teaching?
A: Each of these programs were designed to align specifically around the grade-specific standards outlined by Georgia’s Standards of Excellence.

Q: Is there a cost or limit for chaperones?
A: There is no limit for the number of chaperones that can come on a ranger-led program. Any chaperone who drives a personal vehicle must have a ParkPass tag displayed in their vehicle. Cost for a ParkPass is $5 per vehicle.

Q: How early in advance do I need to book our program?
A: We require at least a two-week notice to book any ranger-led programs. In order to book your ranger-led program call the Visitor Center at (478) 982-1660.

Ranger-Led Additional Information

  • Educators and group leaders will be responsible for the behavior of their students at all times.
  • Groups larger than 6 classes will need to be broken up amongst multiple days.
  • Please be on time for your scheduled program. If running late, call to let us know. We try to keep to schedule so that you may return to school on time.
  • Occasionally, we have groups scheduled back-to-back and late arrivals may either shorten or possibly forfeit their program.
  • Rain dates are available. We still present the program indoors as well as outdoors in misty rain or cold weather, so please have your students dress accordingly.

Outreach Programs

If you can’t make the trip to the park, we will bring a little piece of the park to you. Outreach programs can be scheduled within a 50-mile radius of the park. The cost is $150.00 per program for a group (maximum 100 students). Programs are 60 minutes in length. The following outreach program is available. Please call 478-982-1660 for more information or to schedule an outreach program.

Animals of Magnolia Springs State Park

For our outreach programs we bring nature to you! We bring different mounts, furs, skulls, and live snakes to each of these events! All of the animals we bring are ones that you can find at Magnolia Springs State Park, and most you can even find in your own backyard!

Self-Guided Explorations

Educators and group leaders have the opportunity to experience Magnolia Springs State Park on a self-guided basis.

Magnolia Springs State Park is the perfect destination for a self guided exploration! You can take your students on the grounds of Camp Lawton, which was “The World's Largest Prison.” You can also give your students a trip to our boardwalk where you are guaranteed to see a number of wild species on every trip, animals you can see include wading birds, fish, alligators, turtles, and more!

Other Information

For any questions, visit the Visitor Center or call us at 478.982.1660.