Hunting & Fishing Regulations

   Hunting Regulations

View the 2017-2018 Hunting Regulations and season dates. 


  Fishing Regulations

View the 2017 Recreational & Commercial Fishing Regulations. 


DNR Regulatory Process

Public Meetings and Hearings 

Public participation is an important component of the regulatory process. Public meetings are forums designed to accept public input for consideration into the development of hunting regulation, or other related rule proposals, and other management actions.  Public hearings are forums designed to accept public comment on proposed regulations under consideration by the Board of Natural Resources.

View all scheduled public meetings and hearings here.


Proposed Regulations

View all proposed regulations under consideration of the Board of Natural Resources and public notices here. Public participation is an important component of the regulatory process. 


Recently-Updated Regulations

Regulations recently passed by the Board of Natural Resources.

Protected Species

It is unlawful to take nongame wildlife except fiddler crabs, coyotes, armadillos, groundhogs, beavers, starlings, English sparrows, pigeons and venomous snakes. Additionally, rats, mice, frogs, spring lizards, freshwater crayfish and freshwater mussels may be taken except for species on Georgia's Protected Species List. No more than 10 freshwater turtles may be possessed without a commercial turtle permit. The taking of freshwater mussels requires a fishing license or commercial fishing license. For more information on the commercial taking of freshwater mussels, consult your local state fisheries office.