Wildlife Viewing Grants Program

Youth Birding with BinocularsThe Nongame Conservation Section of the DNR Wildlife Resources Division administers a small grants program for wildlife viewing projects in the state. Funding is provided by Georgia’s Nongame Wildlife Conservation Fund and the Georgia Natural Resources Foundation.

The grants are aimed at helping develop and improve wildlife viewing opportunities that increase public awareness and appreciation of the state’s nongame wildlife, rare native plant species and natural habitats, with an emphasis on species and habitats considered a high priority for conservation in Georgia’s State Wildlife Action Plan.

Requirements & How to Apply

2017–2018 Grants at a Glance

Application deadline: 11:59 p.m. EST February 1, 2018 (emailed or postmarked by). The contact person for projects selected for funding will be notified by February 26.

Proposals are limited to no more than $3,000 each. Up to a total of $15,000 is provided by the Nongame Wildlife Conservation Fund and the Georgia Natural Resources Foundation for the 2017/2018 grants cycle.

Projects can include facilities, improvements and other initiatives that provide public opportunities to observe nongame wildlife, plant species and natural habitats, and which emphasize those listed as conservation priorities in the State Wildlife Action Plan. Projects must be on property accessible to the public.

Recipients must spend the grant as specified on the project by December 1, 2018. Grants will be awarded as a reimbursement.

Send proposals to Rick Lavender at rick.lavender@dnr.ga.gov or:

Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Wildlife Resources Division
c/o Wildlife Viewing Grants Program
2067 U.S. Highway 278 S.E.
Social Circle, GA 30025

Questions? Call (706) 557-3327 or email rick.lavender@dnr.ga.gov.