Bats in Your House?

Bats in your House?

Don’t panic. Most situations can be handled by the homeowner. Bat Conservation International has step-by-step instructions for do-it-yourself bat exclusions.

What time of year should you remove bats?

Bat exclusions should be avoided between April 1st and July 31st in Georgia. During this time of year, bat pups are too young to fly and may become trapped and die inside structures. If exclusions must be completed during this maternity period they must be completed by a licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator (see information below).  

Have a bigger problem that you can’t handle alone?

You may need to hire a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator if you have a large number of bats, a difficult exclusion situation or if you need to exclude bats during the maternity season (April 1st – July 31st), when flightless young may be present.  

This is our list of Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators. Trappers are listed by the counties where they are located. Many of these companies have more information online and serve many counties in the state. We suggest you search for companies in your area on the internet and then look for them on the list (or ask them if they are licensed by DNR to work in Georgia). We also suggest you get more than one estimate before you hire a company. 

Questions About Bats and Human Contact?

If you leave bats alone, they are harmless and very beneficial. However, if you pick up a bat, they are likely to bite. DO NOT handle bats. Very few bats carry rabies, but the disease is fatal so anyone who has contact with a bat should seek medical advice. The CDC provides information on when to seek medical attention.  

Bat Conservation International also provides great information about Bats and Human Contact on their website.  

Want to Provide a New Home for Bats?

Many people enjoy the natural pest control provided by bats but would prefer not to share their home with them. You can build or buy a bat house to give them a new place to go.

Bats in the belfry? What to do if you have bats in your house.