Georgia Outdoor Industry Coalition

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Partnership Purpose

Hunting, angling, boating, trapping and shooting sports are all integral parts of Georgia’s outdoor heritage. To further this heritage for years to come we wish to bring together two parties as cooperating partners:

  1. Georgia-based businesses that produce and sell goods dealing with our outdoor heritage—focusing primarily on those who pay the federal excise taxes that are apportioned according to the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program
  2. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources and Coastal Resources Divisions (WRD and CRD) who steward the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration dollars allocated back to Georgia

Combining efforts and increasing communications will give us all the ability to better market outdoor recreation and increase recruitment, retention and reactivation of our customers for generations to come.


Both Parties agree to uphold the principles detailed in the memorandum of understanding. Namely they will:

  • Support the establishment of a Georgia Outdoor Heritage Coalition.
  • Advocate for science-based public policy that will promote jobs and further Georgia’s economic prosperity.
  • Foster new and continued participation in and public support of angling, boating, hunting, trapping, and shooting sports activities.
  • Cooperatively educate stakeholders about the economic benefits of these activities to Georgia businesses and communities.
  • Work together to increase recruitment, retention, and reactivation of anglers, boaters, hunters, trapping, and shooting sports participants.

To receive an official copy of the memorandum please provide the name and title of the signatory and a vector graphic of your logo (.ai, .eps, .pdf) to


There are many benefits to joining the coalition. Here are just a few:

  • You’ll receive inside information about proposed regulations and other goings on through an exclusive monthly newsletter.
  • You’ll have better communications and influence with the agencies that provide public opportunities to many of your customers.
  • Through meetings and events you’ll network with leaders from two sides of Georgia’s outdoor recreation: governmental regulation and private industry.
  • You’ll gain access to an assortment of statistical data and the inside track for cutting edge research on the outdoors industry.
  • Plus the opportunity to grow the customer pool for all of outdoor recreation!

Georgia Outdoor Industry Coalition Kickoff

June 2, 2015

Industry MOU Signing.jpg

Pictured in Photo (L-R): (Back Row): Joe Riley, Georgia EMC; Mark Whitney, Georgia DNR; Darrell Moore, Moultrie Colquitt Co. Development Authority; Bill Dobbs, GA Economic Development; Dennis Haupt, Breakthrough Clean; Gene Sherry, Georgia Southern University; Capel English, Plinker; Teresa Thompson, Georgia Southern University; Paul Lemke, Polycase Ammo; Cindy Daniel, Daniel Defense; Walter Lane, Georgia DNR; Timothy Gauthier, GSU; Matt Horst, GSU; Tina Brunjes, Georgia DNR; Pete English, Plinker (Front Row): Nate Treadaway, BPI Outdoors; Dan Forster, Georgia DNR; Marty Daniel, Daniel Defense

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