Ways to Save Money on License Purchases

Early Renewal Discount

An easy way to save! Most annual hunting and fishing licenses offer an early renewal option with a savings of $2.50 when a same privilege license is purchased before expiration of the old license.  Same privilege licenses renewed early "stack" and add a full additional license term to the end of the expiring license.

IMPORTANT!  Be sure to enter your email address when buying or reprinting a license.  We will email a renewal reminder before your annual license expires.  Renew early and save $2.50 on your annual license!

One-Time Veterans Hunting and Fishing License

Goes into effect July 1, 2017.

One-time Honorary Veterans Hunting and Fishing License Application

A One Time Veterans License is available free to Georgia resident military veterans who served on active Federal duty for 90 or more days and were honorably discharged on July 1, 2005 or later. This free license is valid for one year from date of issue, is available to Georgia residents, and may be issued only once.