A Conservationist’s New Appreciation for Hunting

January 2010: Kristina Summers of Georgia DNR Public Affairs recently got an in-depth look at hunting’s contribution to wildlife conservation.

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t an avid outdoors person. From the time I was a couple of months old, my parents were hauling me all over the country, often in a metal-frame backpack. Whether it was out West to the dusty Badlands, down to the southern swamps or up and down hundreds of miles of coastline, I honestly can’t remember a time when being outside wasn’t a huge part of my life.

New Coastal Network Targets Alien Invaders

April 2012: CISMA may sound like an alien species, but the acronym actually refers to an effective approach in combating those non-native plants and animals that threaten ecosystems. And it’s an approach taking shape on Georgia’s coast.

Representatives of more than 40 organizations met in March 2012 to launch the Coastal Georgia Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area. The goal: Help conserve the region’s native wildlife and habitats through a collaborative effort to prevent or control invasive species on public and private lands across 11 counties.

Big Dukes Pond: Beautiful, But No Walk in the Park

Public Lands Profile

By Shan Cammack

June 2011: Spring rains are eagerly greeted by the colony of wood storks at Big Dukes Pond Wildlife Management Area in southeastern Georgia. The rains fill the Carolina bay beneath the birds, helping guard their nests from predators. Higher water makes it harder for critters like raccoons to reach the tall pond cypress trees where the storks nest. More water also encourages alligators to hang around, another deterrent to predators!

Moody Forest Visit Inspires Landowner’s Vision for Longleaf

By Bryn Pipes

April 2011: Ten years ago this month, an incredible story unfolded in Appling County when 4,000 acres went up for auction. The land had been carefully managed for generations by the Moody family, and it contained not only huge hardwoods and baldcypress along the Altamaha River but one of the few remaining stands of old-growth longleaf pine in the state.

Athens Teacher Awarded Conservation Grant

By Linda May

January 2011: Congratulations to Lori Jackson, third-grade teacher at Barnett Shoals Elementary in Athens! Her “Earth Matters” project was recently awarded a $1,000 grant from DNR’s Nongame Conservation Section. Funded by TERN, the Nongame Section’s friends group, this award is designed to recognize and support the efforts of an exceptional third-grade teacher who demonstrates energy and innovation in teaching life sciences.

Public Lands Profile: Doerun Pitcherplant Bog Natural Area

Where Carnivorous Plants Thrive…And Longleaf Pines Endure

By Tom Patrick

October 2010: Much has been written of the longleaf pinelands of South Georgia and the fact that most have disappeared through conversion to pine plantations, development, cropland and other overall changes in land use. Yet an even scarcer habitat than a longleaf pine forest is a seepage bog with acres and acres of pitcherplants. Doerun Pitcherplant Bog Natural Area has both—intact longleaf-wiregrass uplands and acres and acres of pitcherplants!