What Are Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS)?

Aquatic nuisance species (ANS), also known as aquatic invasive species, are non-native plants, animals, or diseases that do not naturally occur in a given area. They can disturb or harm the habitat or ecosystem in which they have been introduced, potentially causing negative economic and ecological impacts. In some cases, they can negatively impact human health. While their introduction may be the result of a natural event (e.g. hurricane, flood, or transport by birds/etc.), more times than not their introduction is the result of human activities. Once introduced, it is often difficult or impossible to eradicate invasive species. As devastating as they can be, they are often preventable, and that’s why WE NEED YOU to help protect Georgia’s waters by following the steps outlined in this course.

Photo Credit: USFWS
Silver Carp
Island Apple Snail
Photo Credit: Isaac Szabo
Flathead Catfish