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No regulations are being proposed at this time.


Memorandum: Amendment of Department of Natural Resources Rules Governing the Hunting of Game Animals and Game Birds


Proposed changes to Department of Natural Resources Rule 391-4-2-.03 (Harvest Recording and Reporting Requirements), Rule 391-4-2-.20 (General Regulations for Hunting Alligators), Rule 391-4-2-.21 (Alligator Seasons, Zones, Quotas and Limits), and Rule 391-4-2-.70 (Wildlife Management Areas, Other State Lands, and Federal Areas) are being considered.  The proposed changes reflect the need to include alligators in the department’s harvest reporting system thereby eliminating the need for temporary tags, mailing harvest tags, and requiring hunters to physically check alligators at an agency office; adjust the harvest reporting period from 72 to 24 hours; expand alligator harvest opportunity to include Fort Stewart; adjusting hunting opportunities on state-managed public lands (Chattahoochee Fall Line: Hilliard & Standing Boy Creek); and include housekeeping changes to simplify, remove inefficiencies and repeal extraneous rules.

The deadline for submitting public comment is May 1, 2020. Comment may be submitted electronically at this email:, by phone (706-557-3350) or by submitting written statements mailed to the attention of Tammy Peters at:

Department of Natural Resources
Wildlife Resources Division
Game Management Section
2067 U.S. Highway 278, S.E.
Social Circle, GA 30025


No regulations are being proposed at this time.

​Wildlife Conservation

No regulations are being proposed at this time.