Out My Backdoor: Pesticide Use Can Be Harming Your Wildlife

By Terry W. Johnson

A common axiom states that if you want an abundance of wildlife in your backyard, you need to supply food, water and cover.

But the truth is you can provide wildlife with those three elements and still not attract as much wildlife as you thought you would. When this happens, the culprit may be the improper use of pesticides – insecticides, fungicides, herbicides.

Amphibians in Your Backyard

Frogs, toads and some salamanders can be easily attracted to backyards by creating or improving aquatic habitats, provided these aquatic habitats have some forested areas nearby.

Ponds made by digging shallow holes and lining them with waterproof plastic are the easiest way to provide amphibians with the aquatic habitats they need for breeding and staying moist.