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Our agency issues anywhere from 5–15 press releases a month on fishing, nongame wildlife, hunting, boating, conservation issues and other topics. To be added to the media press release e-mail list, email

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After Hours Contact

Media issues don't always take place during work hours. On weekends and after 4:30 p.m. weekdays, call the State Operations Center at 800-241-4113, let them know your name and media affiliation and ask them to page the on-call communications contact.


Sarah Hanson, Marketing Communications Assistant Manager | 706-557-3322

Heidi Ferguson, Videographer | 706-557-3328

Amanda Hrubesh, Webmaster | 706-557-3325

Aubrey Pawlikowski, Social Media Coordinator | 706-557-3337

For media questions specific to game management, fisheries management, boating registration and licensing, contact:

Melissa Cummings, Communications/Outreach Specialist | 706-557-3326

For media questions specific to nongame wildlife (including threatened and endangered species) and protected plants, contact:

Rick Lavender, Communications/Outreach Specialist | 706-557-3327

For media questions specific to boating laws and regulations, boating incidents, hunting or fishing violations, or other law enforcement related issues, contact:

Mark McKinnon, Communications Manager, Georgia DNR Law Enforcement Division | 770-918-6408