Picnicking - Hard Labor Creek

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Picnic tables are first come first serve and free to use, other than a ParkPass for parking. Near the park office, there are 4 picnic shelters and approximately 20 picnic tables (not counting those under the shelters). The beach area, at Lake Rutledge, has about 20 picnic tables. None of these have electricity. Small grills are located throughout the park and the beach.Picnic shelters and the group shelters (pavilions) have large grills.

Picnic shelters 1, 2, 4 and 5 have lights, electricity and water spigots. Picnic shelter 5 has a sink, food prep area and barbecue pit.

The picnic shelters (P.S.) near the park office, can be reserved for the day. P.S. #1, #2 and #4 at $35 a day.

Picnic Shelter #5 (built by the CCC) from Monday -Thursday at $80 a day; and Friday-Sunday at $90 a day.

(Before making reservations, please call the park for capacity limits).

Other Information

For any questions, visit the Nature Center or call us at 706.557.3001.