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Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)

Fire Extinguishers

Most boats are required to have a Type B fire extinguisher(s) onboard, in serviceable condition and readily available. The only exceptions are:

  • Any non-motorized boat
  • Class A or Class 1 boats whose construction will not permit the entrapment of flammable gases or vapors

Approved types of fire extinguishers are identified by the following marking on the label "Marine Type USCG Approved", followed by the size and type symbols and the approval number.

Extinguishers must be mounted in an accessible area. Check extinguishers annually to make sure they are charged and be sure you know how to operate them.

Use this chart to determine the type and quantity required for your boat:

Fire Extinguisher Requirements




Dry Chemical

(type & size)

(minimum gallons)
1 1/4
2 1/2

(minimum pounds)

(minimum pounds)

Length Class

Without Fixed System

With Fixed System*

Less than 16 ft.
(Class A)

1 B-I


16 ft. to less than 26 ft.
(Class 1)

1 B-I


26 ft. to less than 40 ft.
(Class 2)

2 B-I or 1 B-II

1 B-I

40 ft. to less than 65 ft.
(Class 3)

3 B-I or
1 B-II and 1 B-I

2 B-I or


* refers to a permanently installed fire extinguisher system


Used by Permission, Copyright © 2000 by BoatEd.com

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