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Overview of Georgia Aquaculture Regulations

Aquaculture Related Definitions

Familiarity with some basic legal definitions is crucial to a thorough understanding of aquaculture, fish sales, and wildlife laws. Here are some basic definitions:

  • Wildlife - refers to those species of animals (mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, crustaceans, and mollusks) indigenous to Georgia.
  • Wild Animal - means any animal not indigenous to (exotics) Georgia and not normally a domesticated species. This group would include practically all exotic animals. Tilapia and grass carp are examples of fish that are included in this definition.
  • Domesticated Species - are those animals that have traditionally lived in a state of dependence on and under the dominion and control of mankind and have been kept as tame pets or livestock. These may be possessed without permits.
  • Domestic Fish Species - are lawfully obtained farmed fish which are held in confinement in private ponds, but only if they are fish species which are either indigenous to Georgia or are fish species which have been recognized before 1992 as having an established population in Georgia's public waters.  White perch (Morone americana) cannot be considered a domestic fish.
  • Game Fish -  are the fish listed in OCGA 27-1-2(36) except for  domestic fish as defined above and provide for in OCGA 27-1-2(23).    

Full legal definitions for items covered under the Game and Fish Code are contained in OCGA 27-1-2.

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