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Beaver Management and Control In Georgia


The landowner should decide whether the beneficial aspects (waterfowl habitat, hunting and fishing opportunity, non-game animal habitat, flood prevention, irrigation potential) of having beaver on their property outweighs the possible harmful aspects (flooding timber, pasture, or croplands, damage to roads, destruction of ornamental trees or shrubs) prior to using control measures. If action is needed, take the time to carefully choose an appropriate and legal control measure for the situation.

For information on locations to purchase nuisance abatement equipment or trapping supplies, a list of nuisance trappers in your area, or if you have additional questions and are unable to resolve nuisance beaver issues, contact the local WRD office (numbers listed at the beginning of this booklet). In addition, the United States Department of Agriculture, Wildlife Services (706-546- 5637) can be contacted to provide professional, on-site assistance with beavers or other nuisance wildlife problems.

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