Vessel Registration

How to Register a Vessel

  1. MAIL: Vessel Registration Application
  2. PHONE: 1-800-366-2661

There are four types of vessel registrations:

  • Original Registration: The vessel has never been registered in Georgia with the Department of Natural Resources. The vessel may be new or used.
  • Renewal Registration: Renewal of a Georgia registered boat where the registration number and name of the boat owner have not changed since last registered. Registrations may be renewed any time after October 1 the year before expiration. Registrations allowed to lapse will incur a $10 late fee at renewal.
  • Transfer Registration: Change of ownership for a Georgia registered boat. The existing Georgia registration number (if still available) is transferred to the new owner’s name and the new owner receives a new registration period. The new expiration date is the last day of the new owner's month of birth during the third year of registration.

An Original Registration or Transfer Registration can be done by MAIL or TELEPHONE. Renewal Registrations may be done by MAIL, TELEPHONE, or ONLINE.

Customers should be sure to update address, email address, and other information.

In all instances except renewals, customers will complete a signed boat registration application.

BY MAIL Customers will return the completed application and required registration documents along with payment to the address listed on the application. Customers may retain a copy of the mailed application and proof of payment, and use these copies for 60 days as a temporary registration for use in Georgia until the boat decal and registration are received. These must be carried on the boat while in use. The date on the application and check starts the 60 day period. Renewal Registrations - customers are mailed a renewal registration notice once when they have 60 days or less remaining on their boat registration. Customers may mail the printed form back with payment,

BY TELEPHONE (1-800-366-2661): The Call Center operator will gather information from the customer based on the completed registration application or renewal notice, and enter credit card payment. The Call Center operator will inform the customer which documents are necessary to complete the application; request the customer mail, email, or fax the application and necessary supporting documents to the Call Center; and give the customer an authorization number that is a temporary registration good for 60 days for use in Georgia. This number must be carried on the boat while in use.

ONLINE (Renewal Registrations Only): Customers may log into their online account and renew with a credit card. The printed receipt and temporary authorization number are issued by the system and are good for 60 days for use in Georgia until the new registration is received.