Freshwater Fish State Record Program

Georgia State Record Freshwater Fish

Georgia State Record Saltwater Fish

Official Rules

All game fish, in addition to carp, catfish, bowfin, gar, and yellow perch are eligible to become a Freshwater Fish State Record. Both resident and non-resident anglers are eligible. The Wildlife Resources Division reserves the right to refuse any questionable entry.

  • Applications for Freshwater Fish State Records must be submitted within 90 days of the catch. To qualify as a new Freshwater Fish State Record, the fish must weigh at least one ounce more than the existing record. Any catch which matches the weight of an existing record or that exceeds the record by less than an ounce, will be considered a tie. Current State Records Found HERE.
  • Fish must be caught in Georgia during the legal angling season for the species taken in accordance with all fishing laws and regulations. Fish must be caught on sporting tackle and be hooked and landed by the entrant. Bush hooks, trot lines, jugs, baskets, nets, etc., are not considered sporting tackle.
  • For a Freshwater Fish State Record, fish caught from hatcheries or intensive fish culture facilities are not eligible. Freshwater fish caught from private waters in which adults of the species in question are stocked are not eligible.
  • To enter, the angler must submit an application and a clear, side view photograph of the fish and a photograph of the angler with the fish. The fish must be weighed in the presence of two witnesses, both of whom must be at least 18 years old and not a member of the entrant's immediate family. Both witnesses and the owner of the scale, if not a witness, must provide an address and telephone number on the application. Witnesses are not necessary if the fish is weighed on a certified scale at a Wildlife Resources Division office.
  • Fish must be weighed on a scale that has been certified accurate to the nearest ounce, or lesser weight, by the Department of Agriculture within the last year. Fish may be weighed in pounds and ounces or in metric; however, metric weights will be converted to pounds and ounces. Estimated weights will not be accepted. The weight of the sling, platform or rope (if one is used when weighing the fish) must be determined and deducted from the total weight.  Only one ounce graduations will be recognized. Visual fractionization of graduations is not allowed. Weights that fall between two graduations of the scale must be rounded to the lower of the two.
  • A Wildlife Resources Division, Fisheries Section staff member must identify the fish and sign the application. No mounted fish will be accepted. Please contact a WRD Fisheries Office to be sure someone is available to identify the fish.

What Do You Get?

Anglers whose fish qualify as a Freshwater Fish State Record will receive a certificate, a personalized/embroidered ball cap, photo and info on the WRD website, and an issued news release and subsequent social media postings when the record is official. The names and addresses of individuals who receive Freshwater Fish State Records may be released to the media and other interested parties.