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Understanding Regulations and Requirements

Definition of Terms

Artificial lure: any lure which is made completely of natural or colored wood, cork, feathers, hair, rubber, metal, plastic, tinsel, Styrofoam, sponge, or string, or any combination of such materials, in imitation of or as a substitute for natural bait.  This does not include any item sprayed with or containing scented or chemical attractants.

Daily limit: means the number of fish that may be taken, caught, or killed during one day.

Fishing: catching, capturing, taking, or killing fish, mussels, and all seafood and includes all lesser acts such as attempting to catch, capture, or kill by any device or method and directly assisting any person in catching or attempting to catch fish or seafood.

Game fish: fish that are listed under Freshwater Game Fish Daily Limits.

Immediate family: all persons living in one household and bearing a blood or dependent relationship to the head of household.

Non-game fish: any fish not designated as a game fish under Freshwater Game Fish Daily Limits.

Public Fishing Area: designated areas owned and/or operated by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division, Fisheries Section for the primary purpose of fishing and are open to the public.

Resident: any citizen of the United States who has maintained a legal residence in Georgia for a period of at least three (3) months prior to purchasing a fishing license.

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