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Smithgall Woods Regional Education Center

Outreach Programs: All Ages

Winter months are an ideal time to plan an outreach program. Scheduling at other times is subject to staff availability. Talks are 45-60 minutes in length, can be adjusted for any age group and include:

Animal Adaptations

Find out how form and function combine to help animals native to our area find their niche in life. Examine skulls, pelts, antlers, shells and shed skins while discussing animal behavior, predator avoidance and feeding habits.


Learn about those amazing 8-legged, silk-spinning marvels as you view larger-than-life images of spiders through a fascinating power-point presentation.

Birds of Prey

These precision aerial hunters have been the subject of legend and the inspiration for human-designed flying machines. Find out why eagles, hawks and owls deserve special respect and protection.

Dress a Beaver

Learn how special adaptations help nature's engineers to survive and thrive in their aquatic environment. A beaver costume makes this learning experience fun for all ages.

Snakes and Other Reptiles

Gain a new respect for these often-misunderstood creatures. Both models and live specimens allow students to learn about the anatomy, morphology and lifestyle of GA's snakes and turtles.

Other Programs...

Benthic Bugs & Bioassessment:  In this simulation activity, students seine for macroinvertebrates in order to determine water quality in a stream.  Students will convert decimals into percentages and determine ratios.

Dress a Fish:  Learn the characteristics of fish and their amazing adaptations for survival.  A fish costume makes this activity fun for everyone.

Toothpick Fish:  This simulation activity demonstrates how an environmental disaster can impact genetic diversity.

Using a Dichotomous Key:  Learn how leaves are classified by using a dichotomous key.  This lesson was designed as an outreach program but can be conducted in the classroom as a hands-on activity.

Ways of the American Indian:  Hear about the Native Americans that first inhabited Georgia and how their skills and ingenuity helped them to utilize North Georgia's natural resources.  Clothing, pottery, weapons, games, musical instruments and crafts are displayed.

Ask us about new programs. Talks on conservation, careers in the wildlife field and other topics may be requested.

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