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Waterfowl Management in Georgia

Guidelines for Mounting Wood Duck Nest Boxes

  1. Boxes should not be hidden.  Boxes should be placed so that there is a 40'' flight line in front of the box that is free from obstructions such as tree limbs or bushes.
  2. If using a wooden post, sharpen the post so that it can be driven down into the mud.  Drill a hole for the lag bolts used to mount the box.  Drive the post into the ground, slip the predator guard over the post, mount the box onto the post, add wood shavings to a depth of 4" in the bottom of the box, then nail the predator guard in place.
  3. Position the box as nearly vertical as possible, with a very slight tilt forward.  The tilt will enable ducklings to climb out more easily.
  4. Boxes should be placed at the rate of 1 per acre in suitable brood-rearing habitat.
  5. Boxes should be placed so that the bottom of the box is at least 4 feet above the high water mark.
  6. Do not place more than one box per post, as this may increase the possibility of "dump nesting."
  7. When attaching the box to the post, use 3" to 5" lag bolts instead of nails.  Bolts make it easier to remove boxes in the future for replacement or repair as necessary.
  8. No box should be mounted without a predator guard.
  9. Wasps can be kept out of the boxes using a small piece of no-pest strip stapled or tacked inside the box.
  10. Flat-type predator guards can be used, and should measure 40" by 40".  These can be mounted very easily on the bottom of the box.

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