Support Quail Conservation in Georgia

Support Quail Conservation in Georgia

How can you support quail conservation in Georgia - even if you don't own ANY land? 

Purchase a "Support Wildlife" License Plate for your vehicle 

Georgia's Bobwhite Quail Initiative License Plate provides the sole funding source to support habitatrestoration efforts on private lands to benefit bobwhite quail and a host of other game and nongame wildlife species. The BQI license plate can be purchased at your County tag office. Like other specialty plates the cost is $60 (plus $20 standard registration tag fee) for the first year and then a renewal fee of $35 (plus $20 standard registration tag fee) per year thereafter with $10 per year going to support the program. If you purchase a specialty plate and renew every year of the 5-year tag cycle it will result in a $50 contribution to BQI. 

*** Update: A law change scheduled to take effect July 1, 2014, will roll back the cost of buying or renewing a wildlife plate to $25 and dedicate more than 75 percent of those fees to the Wildlife Resources Division programs that depend on them. With the changes, $19 of each purchase and $20 for each renewal of BQI plates will go to help quail and many other wildlife species. ***

Other information about the "Support Wildlife" License Plate 






An additional option to support quail conservation is to make a direct tax deductible cash donation to the Georgia DNR - BQI (be sure to specify GA DNR - BQI Donation on the check). All donated funds will go to support the BQI conservation efforts. 

Checks should be mailed Attn: Georgia DNR - Bobwhite Quail Initiative, 116 Rum Creek Drive, Forsyth, GA 31029.



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