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Freshwater Fishes Page

Georgia Fishes in the Spotlight


The Freshwater Drum (Aplodinotus grunniens) is the only member of the drum family (Scieaenidae) that regularly occurs in freshwater. It is a highly migratory species that feeds on insect larvae, crustaceans, and mollusks.


Rainbow Shiner (Notropis chrosomus) The Rainbow Shiner is a member of the minnow family (Cyprinidae). it is among a group of nest-associating minnows that lay their eggs in the nests built by chubs and stonerollers.


Sculpin (Cottus sp.) Sculpins inhabit cold, rocky streams throughout north Georgia. They have huge mouths that they use to prey upon insects, crayfishes, and even small fishes. They breed in the cavities under rocks.





Coldwater Darter (Etheostoma ditrema) The Coldwater darter is a habitat specialist that occurs in the vegetated springs and spring runs in the Coosa drainage of northwest Georgia. Excessive water withdrawals, sedimentation, and vegetation removal threaten the few remaining populations. 



Greenbreast Darter (Etheostoma jordani) This is a Greenbreast darter observed while snorkeling in the Conasauga River. Darters are generally found in moderate to fast currents within clean rocky streams.







Golden Redhorse (Moxostoma erythrurum) The Golden Redhorse is one of about 24 sucker species that occur in Georgia. The white bumps on the head are tubercles and indicate that this male is in breeding condition.






Stoneroller (Campostoma  spp) Stonerollers are sometimes referred to as "creek cows" because of their behavior of grazing on algae. This grazing behavior is ecologically significant because it transfers large amounts of energy from primary producers to the predators (e.g. bass, herons) that feed on stonerollers.


Ocmulgee Shiner (Cyprinella callisema) The Ocmulgee shiner is endemic to to Georgia and only occurs in the Oconee, Ocmulgee and Ogeechee drainages. It is a member of the minnow family (Cyprinidae), which is the most diverse family of fishes in the state,




Etowah Darter (Etheostoma etowahae) This federally endangered Etowah Darter was captured in Raccoon Creek in Paulding County. This species is endemic to the Etowah River system and occurs nowhere else in the world.




Tangerine Darter (Percina aurantiaca) These are one of Georgia's most brilliantly colored fishes. This species is known only from the Toccoa River in Georgia, where it can be readily observed while snorkeling. males exhibit peak coloration in spring and early summer.


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