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Georgia's Colonial Coast Birding Trail

Jekyll Island - Causeway

Description: The Jekyll Island Causeway cuts across the marshes of Glynn County, made famous by the poet Sidney Lanier. These rich salt marshes are home to an amazing array of birds and other wildlife. Two different sites along the causeway are identified as being great places to watch birds.

Types of Birds: Shorebirds, wading birds, birds of prey, waterfowl

Best Birding Seasons: Shorebirds (all), wading birds (all), birds of prey (all) waterfowl (winter)

Specialties: Osprey, bald eagle, clapper rail, northern harrier, roseate spoonbill, red knot, black-necked stilt, white ibis, wood stork

Tips: Shorebirds are best seen at low tide from mid-summer through spring. Look for nesting ospreys in spring and summer. Listen for clapper rails and marsh wrens in the salt marshes. Watch for northern harriers flying low over the marsh in winter. Look for roseate spoonbills in summer.

Fee: None.

Hours: Open 24 hours a day.

Telephone Number: (912) 264-7218

Fun Things To Do: Visit Jekyll Island, Georgia's "Smilin' Island".

Directions: Take Exit 29 at the junction of I-95 and US 17. Take US 17/SR 520 north to the SR 520 split. Turn right onto SR 520 and begin looking for the Colonial Coast Birding Trail signs that mark the two birding sites identified along the causeway. See the map.