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Conserving Georgia's Nongame Wildlife: 2015

A Year of Wildlife Conservation

2015 report

Loggerhead sea turtles. Bald eagles. Northern long-eared bats.

Monkeyface orchids, bluestripe shiners, Tennessee heelsplitters.

Sandhills and longleaf pine savannas. Black Belt prairies.

In Georgia, the rich names of these and other native animals, plants and habitats reflect a rich heritage: Our state is one of the most biologically diverse in the U.S.

But that heritage is threatened. More than 600 of our wildlife species are considered a high priority for conservation. And that’s not counting the wild places they need to survive.

As part of Georgia DNR’s Wildlife Resources Division, our mission at the Nongame Conservation Section is conserving the more than 95 percent of species not legally fished for or hunted, plus rare plants and natural habitats.

From research to education, this work involves creatures and landscapes treasured by millions and critical to a wildlife-watching economic impact that exceeds $1 billion a year in our state.

Conserving nongame also isn’t just about today. Restoring wildlife and habitats means our children and grandchildren will also enjoy soaring bald eagles and cathedral-like longleaf forests.

You can help ensure that heritage continues. When you buy or renew an eagle or hummingbird license plate, or contribute through the Give Wildlife a Chance tax checkoff, you provide vital funding for this work.

Thank you for your interest. I hope our 2015 report informs you of our progress this fiscal year, and encourages an even deeper appreciation for Georgia’s rich realm of nongame wildlife.

Please view or download a full copy or this six-page summary. Also check out this story map tour of of the report.

Jon Ambrose
Chief, Nongame Conservation Section


Story map of 2015 annual report


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