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Bass Slam Blog Series: How to Hook a Chattahoochee Bass

Chattahoochee Bass Slam Header

Daylight savings time has rolled clocks forward and we can think of only one way to use the extra light—go fishing. This spring, we are releasing a series of blogs exploring all of Georgia’s black basses. This week, we’ll take a look at how you can land a Chattahoochee bass with some help of Dr. Steve Sammons, Fisheries Research Professor at Auburn University.

6 Reasons to Leave Young Wildlife Wild

Fawn in Grass

Spring is the season of new life. People start heading outside to enjoy the warm temperatures while many of Georgia’s wild residents are starting to raise young. It’s around this time each year that Georgia DNR starts receiving phone calls or Facebook messages from concerned citizens that have found “orphaned wildlife” and want to help. While this gesture is appreciated, it’s often unnecessary.

The War on Hogs

Wild Hogs in a Field

Wild hogs in a field (photo by NASA)

There are invaders among us. Large and small, they have infiltrated and spread, displacing native inhabitants and upsetting the natural balance. The culprits are known as invasive species, and they pose a real and significant danger to environmental, economic and human health.