Official Bulletin Board


Department of Natural Resources is required by Federal and State Laws, Rules of the State Personnel Board and agency policy to post certain notices in areas where employees have ready access to it.  DNR units will maintain "Official Bulletin Boards" containing such postings in areas conspicuous to employees and applicants at each work location.  Required postings are provided below.  Additional direction regarding these postings is available in HR Standard Operating Procedure #HR901, Bulletin Boards in the Standard Operating Procedures section of this intranet site. Note: The dates listed to the right of the document name below represent the date that the notice was updated.  Those w/o updated dates have not changed since the Bulletin Board SOP was originally published on 5/3/2011.

Buletin Board Example

Notices Required by Federal Law:

Notice #1: Equal Employment Opportunity  (Updated 2009)

Notice #2-1: E-Verify Participation (Updated 10/2014)

Notice #2-2: E-Verify Participation Spanish Version (Updated 10/2014)

Notice #3-1: Right To Work (Updated  1/2019)

Notice #3-2: Right to Work Spanish Version (Updated 1/2019)

Notice #4:  Employee Rights Under FLSA (Updated 7/2016)

Notice #5:  Employee Rights Under FMLA (Updated 4/2016)

Notice #6: Your Rights Under USERRA (Updated 1/2020)

Notice #7 Employee Rights Under the FFCRA  (updated 3/20)

Notices Required by State Law:

Notice #1S: Workers' Compensation Bill of Rights for Injured Workers (Updated 7/2016)

Notice #2S:  Workers' Compensation Official Notice (Updated 10/2014)

Notice #3S: Workers' Compensation Fraud (Updated 1/2016)

Notice #4S: Equal Pay for Equal Work Act (Updated 2/2011)

Notice #5S: Unemployment Insurance for Employees (Updated 6/2018)

Notice #6S: Vacation Unemployment Insurance (Updated 2011)

Notice #7S: Public Employee Hazardous Chemical Protection Act (Updated 1/2016)

Notice #8S: No Smoking Poster  (Updated 11/2016)

Notices Required by the State Personnel Board Rules: 

Notice #9S: Employee Complaint Resolution Official Policy Statement  (Updated 12/2019)

Notices Required by Department Policy:

Notice #1D: Department Vacancy Announcement (Updated 1/2020)

Notice #2D:  2019 Governor's Holiday Memo (Updated 9/2019)