Hunter Surveys


Annual Hunter Satisfaction Ratings

Each year the Wildlife Resources Division administers an annual telephone survey to obtain important biological and sociological data to evaluate hunting activities and hunter opinions and attitudes. As part of this scientific survey, hunters are asked to rate their hunting experience during the most recent hunting season. 

For this part of the survey, the specific question asked is: "How Would You Rate Your Hunting Experience in Georgia During the _____ Hunting Season?" Rating options are: Excellent, Good, Satisfactory or Poor. 

Many factors may contribute to a positive (or negative) hunting experience and these are for each individual to evaluate as they determine a response. As assessed by this annual scientific survey, most licensed resident hunters in Georgia continue to be satisfied with their hunting experiences in Georgia.

In fact, hunter satisfaction has remained high (at or exceeding 85%) for several years. Whether it is simply getting outdoors, spending quality time with friends or family, or just observing nature—hunters appear to value and enjoy their time on a hunting excursion, even when no game is harvested. These positive attributes, among others, perhaps contribute to an overall satisfying hunting experience for Georgia hunters.