DNR Managed Lands

Last updated: May 31, 2017

This page has a link to a downloadable .kmz file intended for use with Google Earth and a clickable map below that both show approximate boundaries for lands managed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. To use the .kmz file, follow these steps:

  1. Download the .kmz file to your computer from this link: Google Earth file of DNR lands (may download as a zip file containing the Google Earth KML file). Then double click (left) on the filename. This should open Google Earth if you have it on your computer.
  2. Under "Places" and then under "Temporary Places" you'll find "gdnrland". Open it by left-clicking on the "x" and then the "x" for the "gdnrland" folder and the names of the sites will be listed.
  3. Double-click (left) on the name of a site and Google Earth will zoom to that site.
  4. Conversely, select a polygon representing one of the sites by right-clicking when the "hand" is inside the polygon and then drop down to "properties". Left-clicking on "properties" will bring up the site name.
  5. Back under "Places", move "gdnrland" from "Temporary Places" to "My Places" to keep it on permanently.

Map of DNR Managed Lands