Archery Rules & Information

In Georgia, archery hunting is very open and unrestricted. We have one of the longest deer seasons in the nation and try to give the Hunter as much leniency as possible. This is a list of bow hunting regulations that you will see in other states as well as their restriction status for Georgia.  

Hunter with BowBows

  • Bow Draw weight minimum: none
  • Bow let off maximum: none
  • Crossbow allowance: allowed
  • Crossbow length: not restricted
  • Crossbow draw weight: not restricted
  • Crossbow with scopes: allowed


  • Arrow length minimum: none
  • Arrow weight minimum: none
  • Arrow materials: not restricted 


  • Barbed broadheads: allowed 
  • Broadhead cutting edges: not restricted
  • Broadhead material: not restricted
  • Crossbow broadhead diameter: not restricted


  • Bow hunter education not required (only basic hunters ed)
  • Lighted pin sights: allowed
  • Sight magnification: allowed
  • Lighted knocks: allowed
  • Lazer sights: allowed
  • Electronic tracking devices: allowed

Georgia hunters should be sure and check all the bow hunting rules and regulations when participating in out of state hunts. Other states are much more restrictive and you should know the laws and regulations before you get out and do any hunting.