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Download DNR GIS files using FileZilla

Download and Install Filezilla
Download and install the latest version of the free FTP downloading program FileZilla. FileZille is housed at SourceForge and can be downloaded from https://sourceforge.net/projects/filezilla/. Select the standard FileZilla program not the FileZilla Server. After clicking on the link to download FileZilla, you will be asked to select a file set to download. Select the one ending in "_setup.exe". On the next page select a FTP site near you.
Using Filezilla to Download GIS Files
Once installed, open FileZilla and enter the following values on the right end of the button bar (the Quickconnect bar):
address = gis.dnr.state.ga.us
user = gisftp
password = gisftp
With the cursor in the "port" field press enter and let FileZilla fill this one in for you. It should be port 21, which is the default for standard FTP.
If the values above were entered correctly you should now see some folders in the remote site window. The DOQQs are in the subdirectory DATA2. In this directory you will find the quads under DRG and counties under the dotcounty subdirectory.

I am pretty sure this GIS FTP site is available for access only inside the firewalls of the Georgia DNR network. If anybody outside the network finds a way to get in please let me know.
FileZilla General Usage
FileZilla is very easy to use and usually works the way one would expect. Don't forget to look over the help files; they are sparse but contain some good usage tips.
One of the nice features of FileZille is the ability to pause downloads and resume them at a later time. To do this right click on the file name in the transfer que and select pause. Then close FileZilla. The program will remember this transfer and you can right click it and resume the transfer the next day or whenever you want, after (of course) you have logged into the remote server.

Last Updated: December 2, 2005

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