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National Archery in the Schools

Teacher Accolades

There are 39 counties within the state of Georgia that have become certified to teach NASP® and in a questionnaire from Georgia's Wildlife Resources Division to teachers, the following comments were made about the physical education course:

  • The kids loved it.  There was an increase in student participation during the archery unit.
  • They (the students) loved it!
  • They (the students) were very excited about the program!   

                Instructors in Training

Teachers Report


  • Educators enjoy NASP® as it adds diversity and interest to the classroom. 
  • Archery teaches a life skill to PE students, and the program complies with state and national PE standards.   
  • Teachers remark that the program within their school has improved school attendance, that student behavior is improved, that kids of all genders, sizes and abilities are having success, and that after-school archery clubs are forming. 
  • NASP® helps address the problem that educators need new, effective ways to engage and teach their students. Educators enjoy the NASP® program as it adds diversity and interest to the classroom. 


NASP® within Georgia is a wonderful program that introduces middle school kids to the sport of archery.  This sport crosses gender and strength lines, putting middle school children on an even playing field within their PE class.

Jen Bailey Pittman, Shooting Sports Coordinator,
Georgia DNR, Wildlife Resources Division

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