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Beaver Management and Control In Georgia


Beavers (Castor canadensis) were once virtually eliminated from Georgia, as well as most of their range throughout the United States, primarily because of unregulated trapping and habitat loss. Beaver chewing logThe Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service responded to this loss and began a restoration program in the 1940's. The Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge, newly established at the time, was used as the first location to restock beavers. Following the success of this establishment, a statewide restocking effort was conducted from 1949-1959. During the last few years of this restoration program, Georgia was considered one of the leaders in beaver restoration. As the beaver population increased, new management regulations were established that allowed them to be harvested as a renewable resource for their fur. Since demand and pelt prices for beaver have subsequently remained relatively low, beavers have thrived and are common statewide. Today, the trapping of beaver in Georgia is limited because of low prices, low fur demand and fewer trappers. In fact, beavers are quite abundant, little trapping pressure exists and there is no closed season on beavers in Georgia. 

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