Vessel Registration

Bill of Sale for Boat

A Bill of Sale (BOS) for a boat must have adequate information to positively link the BOS to the boat, similar to the example WRD BOS posted HERE.

Owners of Georgia registered boats must notify the Department, in writing, of sale or transfer, theft or recovery, or destruction or abandonment of a boat within 15 days. Additional information.

The following should be on the BOS.

  • GA or Other State Registration Number
  • Make
  • Year Built or Model Year
  • HIN #
  • Length
  • Hull Material
  • Color (primary and trim)
  • Seller’s and Buyer’s Signature

However, WRD recognizes that not all BOS will be this complete. It is a judgment call whether WRD believes the BOS received is adequate to link the vessel to the BOS in a reasonably sufficient manner. Whether a BOS is adequate may also depend on other documents submitted such as an out of state title, a manufacturer’s statement of origin, or other information that supports the submitted BOS by positively identifying and linking data or other information to the boat in question.

A BOS does not have to be witnessed OR notarized, although this is acceptable.

For Georgia registered boats, the seller on the BOS must be the Owner of Record in the Georgia registration system. If the listed seller is not the Owner of Record, the bill of sale is not adequate. A bill of sale where the seller is not the Owner of Record is acceptable if the customer has an unbroken line of additional BOS or other sale documents back to the Owner of Record.

If it is determined that a BOS is not available at all or is not adequate, the customer will be required to obtain an adequate BOS. If a BOS cannot be obtained, a second less optimal option is for the customer to have a Vessel Inspection. WRD requires that customers bring their boat to a specific location if a Vessel Inspection is necessary. Obtaining an adequate BOS is the preferred option for the customer’s convenience and cost, and also to reduce state costs.